Flickr Scavenger Hunt 101

I decided to do a photo scavenger hunt. You can view my photographs for the scavenger hunt here:

The full details for the scavenger hunt are here if you wish to try it or just want to see what other people are taking pictures of:

Here is the list of all the photographs I need to take, I am crossing off the ones that I have done as I go:

1. Boat without a motor

2. Home of a non-human creature

3. A flag other than your native country’s

4. Waterfall

5. Rain

6. Winter

7. A puddle

8. An abandoned building/ruin

9. A junk car

10. An extravagant food

11. A handmade for sale sign

12. A cliche

13. Someone wearing polka dots

14. A locally owned store (non-chain)

15. A toy

16. A cat

17. Fire

18. A child laughing

19. Inside a foreign food restaurant

20. A beach

21. A flying machine

22. Your bed

23. A flower

24. A map

25. An extravagant drink

26. A car with a flat tire

27. A live performance

28. An absurd predicament

29. A motorcycle

30. A person having a bad hair day

31. Sunset

32. Spring

33. A locally owned restaurant (non-chain)

34. A police car

35. Your Vacuum or Broom

36. Someone meditating or praying

37. A work of art

38. A national holiday celebration (a holiday that celebrates a nation, such as 4th of July or Canada Day)

39. Your favorite food

40. Fall/Autumn

41. Someone you love

42. A tattoo

43. A sporting event

44. A knick-knack / bric-a-brac

45. A fish

46. An ambulance

47. A place of worship

48. The tallest building in your town/village/city

49. Your favorite color

50. Somewhere you feel uncomfortable

51. A commercial truck

52. Graffiti

53. An insect or arachnid

54. A stamp

55. Someone with bare feet

56. A bookshelf

57. Something that represents your country or region

58. Money

59. A billboard/sign

60. A bridge

61. The utilization of an alternative energy source

62. A public display of affection

63. A kitchen appliance

64. A water source

65. A bicycle

66. A dog

67. Barbequed or grilled food

68. Something rusty

69. A beast of burden

70. Construction equipment

71. Summer

72. A fire engine

73. Sunrise

74. Food growing

75. Your most comfortable place to sit

76. Wind

77. Wrinkles

78. A musical instrument

79. An exotic animal (use your judgment)

80. Your favorite shade-tree

81. The place where you bathe

82. A statue

83. Your camera

84. The place where you eat most your meals

85. Your favorite pastime/hobby/interest

86. A shadow

87. An interesting sky

88. A license plate

89. A tool

90. A road sign

91. Something dirty (as in a “white horse fell in the mud” not sexual)

92. Something clean (as in “it got washed off again” not sexual)

93. A train

94. An interesting or unusual rock

95. A traffic signal/a traffic control device

96. An interesting view

97. A method of communication

98. Your favorite article of clothing

99. A child crying

100. A funny hat

101. A self portrait (must be final submission)