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Personal Life

I am a father, husband, photographer, and a database and software developer at Cree, Inc. Growing up in Minnesota, I enjoyed swimming in the lakes and exploring the forests and small towns. I have two adult children (Alex and Jacqui), and a beautiful and intelligent wife (Sandi). My main hobby is photography which I’ve been enjoying for about 12 years. I also love listening to music, walking in the woods and kayaking with Sandi.

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Work Life

I am currently living in Raleigh, NC and work as a Senior Software and Database Developer. My LinkedIn page is here.

I have vast experience in programming at the applications level down to machine level.

Photography Info

A list of my blog entries on photography is here: https://www.wadesword.com/category/photography

Drawing, painting and photography are my favorite hobbies.

Please contact me at Wade.Brooks@gmail.com if you wish to purchase a signed print, or if you’re having trouble finding the print you want for sale.

Code Development Info

All my code related posts can be found here: https://www.wadesword.com/programming


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