Photography Scavenger Hunt Sign-Ups

Sign-ups are Dec. 7 at Noon Chicago time or 1 pm here on the East Coast.
Here’s more info:

One thing that has helped me become a better artist (with my camera) is the Photography Scavenger Hunt. This group of wonderful photographers gets together online every couple of months to share their creations from a list of given Hunt words. The Hunt is currently on round 27 and I have participated since round 2 (It’s hard to stop!). I have met many of these scavengers in person, first local folks then later by going to their yearly meetup. Everyone in the group is passionate about photography and willing to share and help newcomers as well as veterans. A very welcoming group and tons of fun!

If you are a photographer of any level you can play along. We use all kinds of cameras from our phone shots to pro cameras. All photographers are welcome! This is the sweetest, goofiest, most helpful group of people around. So don’t be shy you know you want to join us.

The Famous “Photography Scavenger Hunt” sign-up is rapidly approaching! To never miss a thing – Click this link to subscribe to the news letter to get all the the latest news.

Click here to visit, and learn more about what exactly the ‘Photography Scavenger Hunt’ is. This is the Home website, and you can also subscribe here if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Most of the time we get 7 words to go out and photograph. We find shots, or create shots it’s all up to you.
(This shot is from one of the words we had in the past, Pencil)

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