New House

We’re building a new house in Raleigh and will be moving by the end of the year. I thought I would try and take photos every few days to document the construction. And hopefully, I’ll be able to put the images together at the end and create a small time-lapse movie.

November 29

The counter tops are in and tile work is in process. The walls have been painted, too. We’re getting closer and closer to having a new home!


November 20

Lots of work has been done on the inside, including electrical, sheet rock, painting and trim. The big news is that the cabinets are now in!

August 30

Progress on my new house continues, most of the windows are in and the plumbers have pulled most of the pipes. The garden tub is the master bath and the rest of the bath tubs are in the garage.


August 23
My new house is coming along, shingles have been installed, windows are in the garage (ready to be installed) and the main stair case has been added.

View from the kitchen corner out to the family room and breakfast nook.

Backyard view from covered porch.

August 18
Roofing plywood is done, next up is the shingles.


August 12
Roof joists have been added and some roofing plywood added.


August 10 Update
Second Floor Framing Almost Complete


August 4 Update
Second Floor Framing Started

August 2 Update
First Floor Framing


July 28th Update
Framing has begun with the crawlspace




July 22nd Update
Cement being poured for both of our garages

July 20th Update

July 19th Update
We have dirt!


July 15th Update
How it started.