Weaver Brothers, Volvo, and Service

My wife, Sandi, is a real estate agent in Raleigh and recently purchased a Volvo for her business. The car is the XC90 SUV and it has one problem, the key and car continue to talk to each other if the key is near by (say like in the kitchen of our house). This issue caused the car battery to completely drain while we were on vacation for a week. Also her key is now completely dead after less than 4 months of use.

She just took the car into Weaver Brothers of Raleigh, to have the cars software updated. With the hope that the issue will be fixed. The service guy (name unknown at this point) did not treat my wife in a professional manner. She didn’t purchase the car from this dealer, which was a problem. Not sure why that is an issue, it is still a Volvo. He said the key issue was a known issue with no fix available, really?

She left the car to get software updates and was told it will take a day or so (Wow!). She was given a loaner car as promised by the service adviser when she called earlier, but they wanted to charge her for the loaner. Another head scratcher.

At this point I feel like Weaver Brothers is doing their best to NOT provide customer service. I’ll update this post later after my wife picks up the car.

Not Happy,

There is a software fix, according to the Volvo forums here:


Weaver Brothers, Volvo, and Service


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