Mini Work Truck Idea

Email sent to Gas Monkey Garage (2/19/2016):
Dear Monkeys,
I’m a long time fan of Gas Monkey Garage and have been thinking about building my own work truck.
I like the smaller trucks like the ford ranger and Chevy S10, but while thinking about a work truck the old square Nissan Pickup grabbed my attention.
Here’s a picture of 1990s Nissan pickup truck built similar to my vision.
Inline image 1
I think a project like this would fit into the show and I would love to see what Aaron comes up with.
For my truck I would look for an old weathered body with some patina. I would update the engine, suspension and drive-train.
If Gas Monkey Garage builds a truck like this, I would love the opportunity to buy it.
Have a great day and thanks for reading this far!

Wade Brooks

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