Learning to See

One of the hardest things to do as a photographer is to really look. To really see what is around you and learn to change your perspective.

I walk at a few local parks at lunch time as often as I can, and for me finding (and seeing) great images is hit and miss.

The flower below was taken at the Burpee garden (at Duke gardens) and was among a bunch of other plants. I noticed this flower quite by accident and it was almost perfect. The image was one of several bracketed shots I took at varying apertures. I have learned that going slow and turning all the way around can really help in finding that perfect shot.

You’ll be surprised by what you see and how much fun it is when it happens.

Below is more detail on my trip today if you are interested.



I usually start my trip by thinking about where I should go, what I feel like shooting. What the weather is like. Should I go to a park or go downtown or go to the airport, or try something totally new.

Once I am at my location (usually eating something in route), I start to think about what I should shoot. Today the weather was near perfect with some clouds, so I went to my go-to place, Duke gardens. I started off in the white garden (lots of lily pad flowers), then wandered over to the Burpee garden (looking for sunflowers or other new plants). After that, I wandered down to the rose gardens (mostly dead now) and then over to the terraced gardens. I went to the terraced gardens looking for a passion fruit flower (no luck), but I did find some little orange and yellow flowers.

In total I shot around 30 unique photos today each bracketed (and with multiple apertures) and will end up with about 10 or so images that I will keep. This one was one of the top three and I will share another one in the morning.

[Originally posted in 2013]

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