Using WordPress to Post to G+

I’ve been using WordPress to publish my photography blog posts to G+ for about a month now and thought I’d share the process I’m using.


The first thing I did was add the JetPack plugin to WordPress (you may already have it, I did). This plugin has lots of tools, including Site Stats and the Sharing module that I’m writing about here.


After adding JetPack go into settings and activate the Sharing module (see image above). Setup all the social media connections you want to use, I have Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and Twitter setup in mine.


Once that is complete, you can start posting.

Once you have your post written, check out the info on the right under the Publish banner. We are interested in the Publicize info and the Edit Details link, shown below.


You should see all of the social networks that you setup. Click on the Edit Details link, to reveal the details shown below:


My blog post title is “Lake Crabtee in the Spring”, so this automatically shows up in the Custom Message box. At this point I normally uncheck the LinkedIn check box (I only send some posts to LinkedIn). I also add two asterisks to the title (This will bold the title on  G+).


Next I also add any tags into the Custom Message box.
Note, for Facebook and Twitter, tags will only show in  the post if you put them in here, you won’t see any tags from the post itself. As shown below.


If your post has a photograph, it also helps to set a Featured Image (also in the right hand column) for the post. This will be the image that is used with the post on your social networks.

Now all  you have to do is push that Publish button.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you have any other tips.


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