A few favorites from 2015

Here are three of my favorite images from the past year as well as a three of my followers favorites.

At number one on the follower list is, Bonsai Tree.


My first favorite of mine from last year is Strength, taken at the Valley of Fire in Nevada:


Number 2 from my followers is Tulips in the Garden:

IMG_5107My second favorite of mine is this Flamingo image from the NC Zoo, taken while on a Photo Walk:

IMG_9546The third most popular image by my followers was this one, Double Vision:

IMG_5089My third favorite image from 2015 is another one from the Valley of Fire, called Photographer:


Of course I have many, many more favorite images from last year and I may share some more later.

I hope  you enjoyed my photographs last year and I looking forward to another great year!


Prints: http://wade-brooks.artistwebsites.com/

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