“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

– Picasso

Good Morning!

I’ve read a few articles about inspiration and being a creative person lately and want to share my thoughts.

First, I think Picasso was right in that unless you actually work at something, be it painting, writing, or in my case photography, you won’t find or receive much inspiration. I find it pretty amazing that once I actually go out and start exploring the world (or setup a macro or other shoot in my house), I start to get bombarded with ideas and variations on my themes. So, basically if you want to be inspired, do the work.

Now, creativity is a whole different topic. I find one of the biggest issues creatives face (my self included) is self doubt. I am always thinking my work is not good enough (or I can do better than that). But if I step back, and look at some of my past work, I think there is some truly beautiful work. For photographers, I recommend getting some of your favorites printed and hang them in your home. I do this and currently have about twelve of my images hanging around my house. I love to see them and them help keep me inspired.

Let me know your thoughts and creativity and how you stay inspired.


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