Dawn Valley of Fire

I love watching the sun come up (or down) while exploring some new place, like the Valley of Fire. This sunrise wasn’t grand or earth shaking, but it was the start of a new day. A day to be filled with exploring and discovery, and I was excited.

The day was filled with those things and much, much more. We hiked and explored the vast park that is the Valley of Fire. I met new photography friends and took a few (OK, a lot) photographs. I’m learning to be more in the moment and less in my head.

I tend to think about things (a lot), before engaging in an activity. I’m trying to do that less and say “Yes” to more. I know my wife, Sandi, loves it when I say YES, to her queries. “Do you want to go for a walk”, Yes, I say. She always smiles, which makes it worth every minute!

Just say YES.


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