This is what happens (slapping of the glass) when a gorilla wants you to stop whatever you are doing. This is one of the young gorillas at the NC Zoo and I was taking lots of photographs of him and his mom (no flash).  I was at the zoo early this morning and managed to beat the crowds, so it was just me for a while. I guess this little guy had enough of the man with the large lens, so he slapped the glass. 

I did put my camera down for a while and just watched (they are truly wonderful). The young gorilla seemed happy with my choice and went back to his mom. 

I had a really great morning at the zoo and was able to get a few really nice images. I will be sharing them over the coming days and weeks. 


PS. I know the image is not great, but it was the best I got with my 2x teleconverter attached to my 70-200mm lens. 

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