Un-Edited (or straight out of the camera)

This is an example of the quality of image I look for before doing any edits. I like this one because of the crisp focus, unique point of view and clean background. I took this shot today while wandering around on my lunch break. The image has not been modified in any way other then exported to jpeg and a watermark added. 

I was at the park to shot flowers and butterflies but I always keep my eyes open for other subjects. I am also learning to look for changes in how the sun or light affects the area I am shooting in. 

I’ll edit this image and post the edited version in the morning. Although, I like it just the way it is.

Final Edited Version

Yesterday, I posted the un-edited version of this image, so here is the final version. I did a few minor edits in Lightroom including basic lens correction, sharping, white balance and exposure. I cropped the image slightly and then added two presets, the vignette 1 and medium contrast curve.

I like both versions of the image and can’t wait to process the rest of my images from yesterday.


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