My Acer P241W 24″ Widescreen LCD Monitor is Dead

Acer F241W 24 Inch Monitor
Acer F241W 24 Inch Monitor

I picked up this 24″ Acer Monitor back in October of 2009. I liked that the resolution was 1920×1200 and the price was good. I did not however notice that the warranty was only 3 months, since it was refurbished. Last week, it died. It will only show the DOS screen for about 1 second than the Windows screen for about 1 second. I will probably look at replacing the lamps inside or have a friend look at it.

Everyone, be aware when buying a refurbished product that the warrant may be shortened substantially!

Of course Acer will not do anything, so my only recourse is to never buy from Acer again, which is sad since I had purchased 2 22″ monitors for the family to use. These monitors are new so they both have a 3 year warrant on them.

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