Sony Reader

New Reader Daily Addition available for pre-order

Reader Daily Edition
Reader Daily Edition

This new reader will have free 3G wireless access and a 7 inch touch screen . Right now the retail price is set for $399, but hopefully it will come down over the next 6 months. More details here.

PRS-500 Firmware Update

I received an email from Sony to upgrade my firmware in my Reader (PRS-500). The reader needs to be shipped to Sony, but they supplied the shipping label, so it is free. After the upgrade, the reader will support the new ePub format  and allow for PDFs to re-flow better on screen. Here is the link, if you didn’t get the email:

New $199 Reader available for pre-order.



Sony announced two new Readers today. See this article:

The good news is the new pricing, for the Pocket Reader it will be $199, which is the cheapest Reader so far. I don’t like that neither of the new models seem to have the page turning buttons on the left side.  On my PRS-500 model, I use these buttons all the time. I’ll have to get my hands on one to see if it would work for me. I have been wanting to update to a newer version for a while now. If you get one, let me know your thoughts.


Sony Presents Free Public Domain Books from Google

Info for PRS-500 Owners


Amazon link to buy PRS-505:

Sony PRS-505 Portable Digital e-Reader System (Silver)


Sony Reader
Sony Reader

Here is a great blog entry comparing the Kindle to the Sony eReader. OK, it is mostly about the eReader, but still a good read.

I should probably get the new version of the eReader, since I still use the first version.

2/8/2009 – Here is a list of a few sites that have free e-books:

4/2008 – I moved this from a dedicated page to this blog entry.

10/2007 – Recent Post

I recently got a Sony Reader and have been using it every day. So far, I really enjoy using the device. The screen is very easy to read. The use of E Ink makes it easy to read for long periods of time without eyestrain. The one feature that is lacking is a wireless connection. Adding books using the USB connection is easy, but it would have been cooler to use a wireless connection.

Here is a link to Sony’s site, were you can review and buy the Reader.

Wired has two articles about E Ink here and here, good read.

Sony’s Reader Developer Site is here:

Sony Reader entry on Wikipedia.

E Ink was developed at MIT Media Lab and in turn produced by E Ink Corporation.

Here is one review of the Reader, I will of course keep updating my thoughts.

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