Mozy 2 GB of Free Online Backup

May 27

Why do I use Mozy?

The main reason I use Mozy is ease of use. You can schedule Mozy to backup your files or have it run when the computer is idle. You can also choose which files or folders to backup, so you can be as selective or broad as you choose.

I also like the fact that Mozy is owned by EMC, so I feel safe that the company isn’t going away anytime soon. Having my pictures safe in an offsite location (not in my house) makes me confident that I will never lose them.

Like I have said in my previous posts, “Backing up your data is easy, use Mozy!”

Why do you use Mozy?

May 26

Mozy Home

Check out this recent article talking about Mozy:
Time ripe for Mozy and cloud backup services

Backing up your data is easy, use Mozy!

May 25

Check out these Mozy ads, created by loyal Mozy fans:

May 24

Check out the latest Mozy news by following the Mozy Blog at:

There is also an RSS feed here:

Backing up your data is easy, use Mozy!

May 23

Brians Avatar

My friend Brian wrote about his experience with Mozy, check it out here:


May 22

Mozy t-shirt
Mozy t-shirt

I signed up to get a free Mozy t-shirt, which will be cool.

I also setup Mozy to do a full backup of my PC last night. The total size of my backup will be about 180 GB. Way cool!

May 21
I signed up for Mozy Unlimited today $4.95 a month, which is cheaper than a hard drive. This is a great way to get off site storage of your files.

I have been using Mozy since September of 2008 and I am very impressed. They have 2 GB of free online space and unlimited space is just $4.95 a month. I use the free service to backup my documents and other vital data. The files are encrypted and you can restore individual files as needed.

If you use this referral link ( you will get an extra 256 MB of free online storage.

Mozy is an EMC company so is should be around for a while. The Mozy backup software is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

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