Carfax Report Service

Last fall I helped my daughter by a used car. At the time I signed up for the unlimited Carfax (  reports account. I did this thinking that I could use it again when buying a car for myself or my son this year. I assumed the unlimited plan would last a year at least. Well, I was wrong, the unlimited plan only lasts 30 days. No, really, only 30 days!

Carfax does not state this very clearly on their website, you have to read the fine print.

Have a look:

Carfax Report Service Sign UP
Carfax Report Service Sign UP

Notice the small text in the customer agreement (bottom right), in the second sentence (This 30 day Unlimited…).  I think the Order Options should include the word Monthly. Anyway since I was only out $10 bucks, I am not going to fight with Carfax over the issue, but I can at least warn others.

You are warned.

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