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I wrote this application, wbGRE.exe, a while back to get the installed programs for a PC and recently updated it to work on Vista. We currently use wbGRE.exe to get a list of installed applications on all PCs on our network. The application is run from the DOS prompt and writes all information to a CSV file. We run the application from the login script and write the files to a shared folder. The files are then read into a database so the helpdesk can access the information from anywhere. The program is free to use and can be downloaded here.

The source code is Visual Basic 6 and can be purchased if interested, just send me a note at

Executable Files (1320 kb)

The program is run from the command prompt.
The following input parameters are supported:

		  wbgre.exe outputfile_path location [verbose/splash]

Example of usage is:

		  wbgre.exe c: Home VERBOSE

outputfile_path = C:
location = Home
Using the optional parameter VERBOSE will display the results.
Using the optional parameter SPLASH will display a splash screen.

Current version is 2.00.0009, updated 3/24/2008.

An example output file is here.

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