Backup Files Using WinZip Command Line Support

I use WinZip to backup all the files on my work PC to a network drive. I have the backup.cmd file shown below scheduled to run once a week from scheduler in windows. I have only had to use this file on two occasions in about 5 years, but it is worth having. The command line support for WinZip is free, but you must have WinZip installed. Here is the contents of my backup.cmd file:

ECHO Backup Files from Document and settings and Code folders
REN PCBackup.bak
CALL "C:Program FilesWinZipWZZIP.EXE" -rP "C:Documents and SettingsWade*.*"
CALL "C:Program FilesWinZipWZZIP.EXE" -rP "C:Code*.*"
CALL "C:Program FilesWinZipWZZIP.EXE" -rP "C:Inetpub*.*"
DEL H:BackupPCPCBackup.bak

Line 1: Clears the screen.
Line 2: Writes a message to the user
Line 3: Renames the old backup file if exists
Line 4-6: Zips all files recursively (r) with folder names (P) to the H drive from the folders Code, Inetpub and Documents and Settings.
Line 7: Deletes the old backup file.

I use a similar method on my home network to copy these backup files to shared drives on a different computer.

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