All Woot! on one web page

Updated 7/25 – Fixed code to remove the Winner’s Gallery if exists and only show Woot! items. Also added caching, to allow for faster load times when accessed frequently.

I created a web page that shows all the current Woot! offerings. I thought it would be nice to see all three sites on one web page. The code uses the RSS feeds to build the page.

The bulk of the ASP code came from Michal at Web Dev Bros.

Here is a code snipet for looking at the main Woot! RSS feed:

<!–#include file=”RSS.asp”–>
   set r = new RSS
   r.url = “
   if r.failed then
      response.write(“Could not load the feed.”)
      response.write(“<h1 class=’woot’>” & r.title & “</h1>”)
      for each item in r.items.items
        response.write(“<H2 class=’woot’>” & item.title & “</H2>”)
       exit for
   end if
   set r = nothing

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