Crystal 10 in VB 6

I had to update an old VB 6 application to use Crystal Reports 10. Since the application was very large and time was short, I did not convert it to VB.NET 2005. Anyway, the main issue I had with upgrading Crystal from 8.5 to 10 was getting the installer to add the correct files. There is a merge file available for the Crystal RDC available here on Business Objects site. There is also a document here. Of course, I had tried using the merge modules that I already had for Crystal Reports 10, but these did not install the correct DLLs on the target machine. I used InstallShield Express X to build the install. Here is a screen shoot of the selected merge files I used.

InstalShield Image of Crystal 10 merge modules

The code for calling it looks like this in VB 6:

Dim Appl As New CRAXDRT.Application
Dim Re As New CRAXDRT.Report
Set Re = Appl.OpenReport(“C:Report1.rpt”, 1)
CRViewer10.ReportSource = Re

The only changes I made, in VB 6, was to set a new reference to the version 10 CRAXDRT in my C:Program FilesCommon FilesCrystal Decisions2.5bin folder. I changed my CRViewer to the new version 10 and then removed the version 8.5 viewer. I then checked to make sure all the 8.5 references were cleared.

Here is a link to the main Business Objects page for the merge module I used.

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