Photography Tips

How I Edited this Blue Heron Image

I thought I’d share my edits on this image of a Blue Heron that I took this afternoon. Here is the original image, pretty much straight out of the camera (I shoot in RAW, so this is a jpeg version). This was my best image from a group of about thirty shots I took of […]

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Using WordPress to Post to G+

I’ve been using WordPress to publish my photography blog posts to G+ for about a month now and thought I’d share the process I’m using. The first thing I did was add the JetPack plugin to WordPress (you may already have it, I did). This plugin has lots of tools, including Site Stats and the […]

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What is your passion?

Besides creating software and database applications for a world class lighting company, I’m also an amateur photographer. Everyone needs something they are passionate about, something that sparks your curiosity and gets you out of bed in the morning. For me, that is photography. When I am taking photographs or editing them later, time just flows and I lose […]

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Evolution of the Tree Trimmer Image

I thought I’d share the basic steps I took to turn my camera image of the Tree Trimmer into the final image. I took this image while visiting Duke Gardens. I actually went back after first seeing the worker as I decided I really wanted an image of him cutting the top off the tree. I […]

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