Here’s another image from my recent trip to Duke Gardens. I really like the color of the water in the shell part of the statue and the droplets of water falling down. Cheers, Wade

Daylight in the Garden

I was able to finally get to Duke Gardens, in Durham, NC, last night. I’m really glad I made the time as the tulips are in bloom! I spent nearly 2 hours walking around the gardens, taking pictures and just enjoying the sunset. I also had the chance to shoot […]

Tulips in Bloom at Duke Gardens

I’m pretty sure somebody was in charge of the camera strap, now who was it? This is what happens when you don’t check your photos before leaving a location. My best shot of the fountain, and I have a strap in the frame. The good news is I can go […]

Who’s in Charge of the Camera Strap?

Good Morning! From a recent walk in the woods. Cheers, Wade

Tree Hugger

OK, I found another shot from my walk at Lake Crabtree the other day. I was setup on my Canon M5 with a new Rokinon 8mm F2.8 UMC Fisheye II lens. I enjoyed shooting with the lens as it gave me a unique perspective on the landscape. Cheers, Wade

Fish Eye Fun 5

I found this guy wandering around the grass by the lake at Lake Crabtree park. The park workers were watching him and telling people that he was around. Cheers, Wade

Eastern Ratsnake