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Adding a Missing Icon to Program and Features for a Click Once install, VB.NET

Click once is a great way to install win form applications within your organization. One issue I discovered recently is that the installed application’s icon does not appear in the Add/Remove programs (or Program and Features) dialog screen. This does not look very professional. Searching the internet I found a […]

XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh to Support Visual Basic

From the App Hub site: Beginning with XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh, the XNA Framework expands programming language support to include Visual Basic (VB). Visual Basic programs can use all of the services of the XNA Framework to create exciting Windows Phone games. More info here:

VB.NET Zip UnZip Example

I made an example VB.Net 2010 application to show how to zip and unzip files using the SharpZipLib.DLL. The application uses the library to zip and unzip a file. Source code can be found here: (115 KB) A compiled executable can be found here: (95 KB) Information on the SharpZipLib.DLL […]

Create Date and Other Information for a File – VB.NET

Updated to VB 2010Download FileInformation VB.Net 2010 code here (24 kb) Description If you are looking to get the create date for a file, you can use the code below: Dim fileData As FileInfo = My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFileInfo(strFilePath) Debug.Print(fileData.CreationTime.ToString) I have also created a complete application, which exposes all the file information […]

Printer Information Example – VB.Net 2005

Updated to VB 2010Download VB 2010 code here Updated to VB 2008Download VB 2008 code here VB code example to list printers and then information for a selected printer. Information includes driver name, port name, share name and if the printer is the default. Download VB 2005 Code Here

Source Safe Status Search – VB.NET

I wrote a little application to search our Visual Source Safe Database looking for checked out files. The application looks for files checked out for more than 2 weeks, then displays the check out date, user name and file. I can then use this information to contact the user and […]

Language Translation – VB.NET 2008

This sample VB.Net application demonstrates how to translate text from English to Chinese (Simplified) using both the Bing and Google translators.¬† The code can be modified to work with any of the supported languages. Links to download the code and the example application executable are below the image. Source Code […]