For those of you without smart phones, Google lets you get information using text messages. To get the stock price for a stock text stock “symbol” to google (466453). More information can be found here:

Google SMS

Cyberlux Receives Additional Multi-Million Dollar Commitment from USAF Totaling $2.2M for Portable Illumination Systems “This opportunity, combined with the $3.3 million commitment previously announced, not only solidifies our position as the portable solid-state lighting solution within the military, but also represents the remaining revenue component required to drive our company […]

Cyberlux Headed for Profitability

I know of one technology company in Raleigh that went back to being a private company, because of Sarbanes-Oxley.  Here is an interesting article by John Dvorak, which I agree with:  Repeal Sarbanes-OxleyCommentary: Innovative tech companies are choking on the paper work

Article – Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley

Philips Offers $688M for Color Kinetics Color Kinetics site news: I guess my holdings of Color Kinetics are worth a little bit more now. Not sure how this will effect Color Kinetics innovation and products. Interesting anyway.

Color Kinetics and Phillips

Who do you think is going to win the battle for home video rental sales, Netflix or Blockbuster? Well, from my experience it will be Netflix. I tried Blockbuster’s Total Access program for two weeks (free). Here is what I learned: Netflix’s new movie list had more new releases then Blockbuster. […]

Netflix vs. Blockbuster