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Holding Hands

Holding Hands Walking side by side and holding hands, we know where we are headed. Together, we are strong with your delicate fingers wrapped in mine. Holding hands we will travel, laugh and love our life together. My hand in yours will always be. Your hand in mine until the […]

She Flies

This is a poem I wrote while visualizing my daughter preparing to “fly” while cheerleading:     Facing the sun,   She climbs into waiting hands.   Counting, rehearsing, visualizing, she’s ready.   Quickly accelerating, bending, stretching, twisting, she flies.   Rolling, falling, waiting, she is caught.   Looking up, she hears […]

Three Poetry

Seconds Waiting Silence Ticks Arms Reaching Target Fixed Body Lifting Perfect Form Sphere Arching Net Flips Lungs Expelling Applause Thunders Player Landing Slapping Hands I’m Loving Three Poetry © 2007 Wade Brooks All of my Poems can be found here: http://www.wadesword.com/category/Poetry