Matrix Rain Window

I wanted a small application that would show a Matrix like rain window, so I converted C# code (link below) to VB.NET (links below). Original C# Code is here: My VB.Net Source Code: My created executable file is here:  

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Adding a Missing Icon to Program and Features for a Click Once install, VB.NET

Click once is a great way to install win form applications within your organization. One issue I discovered recently is that the installed application’s icon does not appear in the Add/Remove programs (or Program and Features) dialog screen. This does not look very professional. Searching the internet I found a work around here (this has […]

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Why are Apple iOS Apps Built First?

I’ve noticed that software companies like Adobe tend to release Apple iOS updates and new apps before Android updates (sometimes months apart). I would love to the know the reasoning behind this? Looking at OS shipments and usage for 2014, Android is the number one OS. Worldwide OS shipment numbers for Android are 48% compared […]

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Settings in C# and other lessons learned while converting from VB.Net

I started converting some of my VB.Net code to C# and have learned a few things. Reading settings was my first stumbling block as there was a lot of incorrect information on the internet. I did finally get it to work and will summarize here. I have a small application that loads engineering data into […]

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Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer

This looks interesting and might be a good winter project. Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is a rapid prototyping platform for small electronic gadgets and embedded hardware devices. The Microsoft research site is here: site is here: Spider Starter Kit

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XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh to Support Visual Basic

From the App Hub site: Beginning with XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh, the XNA Framework expands programming language support to include Visual Basic (VB). Visual Basic programs can use all of the services of the XNA Framework to create exciting Windows Phone games. More info here:

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Windows SDK for Kinect

The Beta SDK for the XBox Kinect is out. Check out the links below. Documentation Here: Here:

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Stock Price To File Example – VB.NET 2010

I created this application to write the current real time stock price to our intranet server. The application uses Google’s stock price API. The resulting XML file is parsed for the price and volume which is then saved to the local web server as a text file to be included in a web page. The […]

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We have been using DotNetBar in our Windows Forms development for several years now and it is truly amazing. Here is a brief description from the DevComponents website: DotNetBar Suite for Windows Forms is toolbox of 61 stunning components for creating professional user interface with ease. For over 9 years DotNetBar is helping developers like […]

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